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Excella Pharmaceuticals developed the
breakthrough diet pill, Ascendiac.
Now, Dr. Alison Sonders must save them from it...


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A Hot New Medical Thriller Novel by Daniel D. Wambold, MD

Ascendiac logo with the subtext, "The diet pill that will get you down."

The Plot...

Excella Pharmaceutical's ground-breaking diet drug is in the midst of the FDA's final phase of testing when volunteer subjects begin mysteriously dropping out of the study. The drug's inventor, Dr. Jack Finnegan, starts investigating the new developments, only to find himself dangerously mired in a twisted maze of greed, deceit, and organized crime. With patients and profits suddenly at grave risk, his only hope lies in a cutting-edge clinical psychiatrist, Alison Sonders, MD, who helps him unravel the complex relationship between overeating, mood, and dieting in this fast-paced medical thriller.

This is what others had to say about Ascendiac®:

"If you like Crichton and Palmer, you must read this!" -G. Hanson
"The characters are so real, you'll forget it's fiction." -A. Whitehead
"Wambold is the medical community's answer to Grisham." -D. Levy
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More Information:

This is no ordinary story about a stimulant diet pill with the usual side effects. Ascendiac® was different from the day it was discovered. Dr. Jack Finnegan knew the science was sound and that this drug represented a huge leap forward in the treatment of overeating and obesity. The drug successfully suppressed the user's appetite by utilizing the same neurotransmitters the body relies upon every day in the regulation of hunger. Excella had proven it could decrease appetite, but the US Food and Drug Administration requires proof that it's safe for the people who are expected to use it. The final trial they require before approval is known as "The Phase 3 Study." That's where Ascendiac® is now, but the real work for Jack and his team has yet to begin....

Dr. Wambold researched the scientific basis of hunger extensively before writing Ascendiac®. A prominent chemist from a well-known pharmaceutical company admitted that there was a significant effort underway to develop just such a drug. When they compared notes, both were surprised to find that they had found similar evidence that just such an approach to weight management might well succeed. Read the novel now, before it's front page news.

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Ascendiac ISBN 0-9727680-0-9
Ascendiac and this Web site are ©2002 by Iatragraph, LLC. All rights reserved. No portion of this manuscript may be copied, reproduced, or distributed in any form without expressed, written permission. All characters and events are strictly fictitious, and any similarity to actual persons, entities, or events is entirely coincidental.